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Tom Davidson
Canadian Locker
Vice-President & GM



Canadian Locker Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of American Locker Group, Inc.  ALGI is a public company that trades on NASDAQ. American Locker Security Systems, Inc.

Canadian  Locker Co., Ltd., headquartered in Scarborough Ont., distributes the world's premier secure storage lockers and mailboxes. Systems range from classic coin-operated lockers to computer/electronic-controlled distribution systems to employee and personal lockers as well as horizontal and vertical apartment mailboxes, locking residential mailboxes, plus multi-styles for the private sectors and universities... Canadian Locker currently dominates a sizable portion of the locker and mailbox specialty field and is viewed as the industry standard for storage needs.

The company has evolved its product line to include mechanical metal, electronic and plastic products. ALGI has been able to concentrate on providing a quality product at a competitive price and is the only producer of lockers that manufactures and controls its own distribution of keys, locks and cylinders. Mailbox products are manufactured at its Security Manufacturing Corporation subsidiary.

Committed to responding to the needs of its customers, Canadian Locker's state-of-the-art Service Center provides unparalleled after-the-sale service. Backed by a dedicated team of sales personnel worldwide, Canadian Locker provides expert consultation regarding selection, operation and all details related to the specific security and operational needs of a given facility.



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