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Horizontal Mailboxes:
901 Series Private and University Mailbox
Front and Rear Load Recessed Installation



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Download 910 Horizontal Mailbox product brochure (345kb PDF)


Colors: Clear anodized or baked on powder coating to offer chip corrosion resistance

anodized aluminum

silver powder coat

textured beige

black finish

bronze powder coat

gold powder finish

 Weight Chart

  • 901 FL-35: 76 lbs
  • 901 RL-36: 70
  • 901 FL-47: 92
  • 901 RL-48: 86
  • 901 FL-59: 104
  • 901 RL-6090

* Front Load (FL) and Rear Load (RL)

901 Series Horizontal Mailboxes are constructed of all aluminum extrusions and materials.  Available in "A" size compartment, 3" H x 6" W and configured in modules 3, 4 or 5 boxes wide and 12 boxes high.   Doors include permanent 3/4" H engraved identification. The 3" H compartments are ideal for applications where a large number of boxes is required.


  • Each ⅛" extruded aluminum door swings on a continuous hinge and is equipped with a 5-pin cylinder cam lock with 3 keys (1500 changes)
  • Doors: 6" W x 3" H (other sizes available)
  • Available in 36, 48, 60 openings
  • " Integral trim
  • Not U.S. Postal Service Approved-
    Must be approved by local post office


Doors: Constructed ⅛" extruded aluminum and precision fitted to minimize clearance to offer added protection against prying tools. Hinged doors continuous, to deter prying.

  • Master Frame: Precision fitted with integral trim
  • Hinged Doors: Continuous to deter prying
  • Shelves: Riveted for added protection

Locks: 5- pin cylinder cam latch lock with 1500 available key changes.

Numbers: Engraved " numbers on doors, or options

Installing Horizontal Type Boxes: Cut hole in wall according to rough opening dimensions. Securely fasten unit to the 2x 4 reinforcement studs, left side first, followed by right side.

Available Options:

  • Snap on trim instead of integral
  • Black lettering
  • Spring latch lock
  • Windows/Card holders
  • High security lock system
  • Combination lock (private use)
  • Special custom sizes available
  • Mail Slots
  • Keyed alike (private use)
  • Parcel lockers
  • 1/4" high security aluminum doors
  • Rear cover for rear load
  • Doors prepared for keyed-in cylinders
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