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Vertical Mailboxes: 6000 Series
Front loading recessed and surface mount installation

Vertical Mailbox frames and doors are extruded aluminum and the 7 D compartments are 24 GA. Steel. Doors are 5-1/2 W and 16 H and have concealed hinges. Units can be customized. 

Vertical Mailbox Features:

  • Each door is equipped with a 5-pin cylinder cam lock (1000 changes) and 2 keys. All compartments are usable for incoming mail.
  • Available in 3-7 compartment module.
  • Surface mount and fully recessed models.
  • Completely assembled for easy installation and are prepped for postal access locks to be installed by local postal authority.


Doors and reinforced grid framework: Extruded high strength aluminum alloy. Concealed hinge pins.

Frame: Completely factory assembled. Mitered frames screw mount to framing members without special tools.

Lock:  5-pin cam lock providing 1000 available key changes. Each lock comes with 2 keys. (Master key is prohibited).

Compartments:  High strength 24 GA. steel. Modules are available with 3 to 7 compartments and come in surface mount and fully recessed models.

Hinge Pins:  Concealed.

Doors: U.S. Postal Service approved shall be fabricated from high strength extruded aluminum.

  • Door Identification:< Pressure sensitive labels are included for required compartment numbering or card holder slots (cards provided by customer).  Permanent insert indentation of 2⅝ W x ⅝ H.

Installation: The surface mount model can be semi recessed with the addition of a trim kit to cove the rough wall opening. Modules are completely assembled for easy installation and are prepped for postal access locks to be installed by local postal authority.


  • Window/Card holders
  • Engraved plastic adhesive tabs
  • Black filled engraving


  • Integral directory
  • Surface mount directory
  • Outgoing mail slot
  • Double wide doors
  • Trim kit
  • Private access locks

DV40 or DV80
Postal Service regulations require the installation of a tenant name directory in all multi-dwelling buildings having 15 or more mail receptacles.  The separately mounted directory, either vertical or horizontal configuration, will accommodate 40 or 80 names which are embossed on label tape (not included). Available in clear anodized finish, or silver/gold/bronze powder coating.


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Download Vertical Mailbox Box product brochure (134kb PDF)

Download 6000 Installation Instructions (62kb PDF)


  • Overall: 8" x 16⅝ x 7
    (203mm x 422 x 178)
  • Opening Size: 5" x 16 x 7
    (140mm x 406 x 178)

Available Compartment Openings

  • 6003 (R) or (S) 3 Boxes
  • 6004 (R) or (S) 4 Boxes
  • 6005 (R) or (S) 5 Boxes
  • 6006 (R) or (S) 6 Boxes
  • 6007 (R) or (S) 7 Boxes

Units can be customized.  Consult our sales staff for assistance with modifications to meet your needs.

 Colors: Finished in Silver powder coat, Clear Anodized Aluminum, Gold powder coat, Bronze powder coat

silver powder coat

anodized aluminum

gold powder coat

bronze powder coat

 Weight Chart: lbs

  Recessed Surface
 6003 18 20
 6004 21 27
 6005 23 32
 6006 26 35
 6007 29 39


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